Shimon Sheves is Chairman and Founder of HolistiCyber, a cyber security company that provides a nation-state level cyber defense posibilities. He was a key political figure in Israel during the 1990's when he served in the government of Yitzhak Rabin.


Shimon Sheves is the Chairman and founder of HolistiCyber, a nation-state level cyber security company. Sheves founded the firm after leaving a career dedicated to public service, most famously as part of the government of the late Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin.


Born and raised in Israel, Shimon Sheves completed his tertiary studies in the US, graduating with a degree in Public Administration and Business from the University of New Haven, Connecticut. Back in his native country, his keen interest in politics was sparked after his appointment as Chairman of the Golan Economic Development Company and the Golan Settlements Committee. He also served as Deputy Chairman of the Golan Heights Regional Council. His successful tenure in these positions and his success in developing strategic infrastructure in the northern regions of Israel, ensured that he came to the attention of then Minister of Defense, Yitzhak Rabin. He was appointed as Rabin’s personal aide, in overall charge of National Infrastructure, Settlements & National Priority Regions.

During his time at the Ministry of Defense, Sheves was a board member of several key government companies, including Israel Aircraft Industries, Israel Military Industries, and the Israel Lands Administration Committee, and he was also a member of the Advisory Committee for Rafael.
Sheves is considered to be the man behind the successful implementation of the Israeli Labour party’s political strategy. He was appointed by Rabin to the position of Personal Campaign Manager and, when the Labour party was elected into government for the first time in 25 years, he was immediately appointed as Chief of Staff and General Director.

During Rabin’s time in office, Shimon Sheves served on a number of inter-ministerial committees, focusing on developing infrastructure and working in developing regions of the country. He was an effective member of the Development of the Druze, Bedouin and Arab communities committee and the Land Administration Authority.


The murder of Yitzhak Rabin in 1995 deeply shocked and saddened Sheves, leading him to make the decision to step away from a life of public service. He started working as a consultant to several Israeli investment firms, and his knowledge of the international political arena ensured that he was a sought-after strategist.

His current role as Chairman of RSLB Partners is key in the development and expansion of Israeli-US economic growth. RSLB is well-known for being able to broker influential and significant partnerships between Israeli companies and US markets, and its main focus is within the international finance and investment community. The company has worked with Exim Bank, PIC, IADB and the World Bank among others. More recently, RSLB has been providing strategic partnership consulting within the biotech and technology industries across the US.


Shimon Sheves is known not just as an entrepreneur but also as a philanthropist. He has a profound connection to ALEH, an Israel-based organization that provides assistance and support for disabled children, as well as being a supporter of the Yitzhak Rabin Center.

Recent activities

Shimon Sheves is never one to stagnate. He is continually looking to expand his expertise and his experience. Inspired years ago by the growth of the cyber industry in Israel, Sheves works with notable companies in the cyber development industry and highly competitive cyber security fields. The rapid expansion of Israeli tech companies over the last ten years has given him the opportunity to help Israeli startups market their products and skills in the US and in Europe.

Sheves also works as a strategist for emerging real estate developers and investors in Africa and Brazil. His focus is on keeping skills and investment within the developing countries to ensure economic growth.